GC Partners Limited

Corporate Finance & Advisory

Est. 1989

For over thirty years GC Partners Limited (GC Partners or GCP) has offered an individual, discrete and unique service to its clients. Establishing GC Partners’ Asian footprint began in 1990, taking Australian clients to Hong Kong and Singapore, the then major capital centres in Asia. This added to GCP’s already established UK, European and American relationships.


Indispensable for Clients Seeking Access to Strategic Partners

GC Partners’ cross-border services are indispensable for clients seeking access to strategic partners in the key manufacturing, production, product trading, and investment & finance centres. This access includes policy institutions, policy and commercial banks, and sources of government assistance. No other organisation offers this comprehensive access. Our ability to offer a geographically broad service saves our clients’ splitting the potential partner search across several firms hands which often results in duplication of efforts in the sales process, significant additional costs of co-ordination, possible contact conflict, wasted time and money.

High Level of Service

GC Partners’ rigid policy is not to be engaged with any company that is seen to compete with another client. In addition, GCP will only act for a small number of high value clients at any one time. This ensures the high level of service, a level of service we believe is mandatory for successful outcomes for our clients.

Unlike Many Other Corporate Advisory Firms

Unlike many other corporate advisory firms, we bring over thirty years of visible and documented experience to our clients. Industry, market and competition research is used to identify and short list potential partners. This is the precursor to contacting, meeting, discussing and securing high quality and suitable strategic partners. This not only requires experience and commitment, but a huge amount of management and staff effort on a daily basis, utilising disciplined, fully documented and sustainable transaction processes. Working closely with our clients management means that playing an important role with our client in their project’s development, results in our services adding considerable value to our client and their key stakeholders.